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University of Florida Chemistry Building Beam Signing & Board Meeting (September 11-12, 2015)

University of Florida Chemistry Department Chair, Bill Dolbier and Mike Lee at Beam Signing Ceremony Board members - Go Gators! Professor Richard Yost, University of Florida and Todd Gillespie, Eli Lilly and Company Exciting progress on the new Chemistry/Chemical Biology Building! Christopher Chouinard (Yost Group/Lab) and Mike Lee jquery lightbox drupal by VisualLightBox.com v6.0m

An inaugral photo gallery for an inaugral event! (February 18, 2015)

Paul Corcoran, Martin Steel, and Roy Vaz at Arthurs Tavern NJ Janet and Barlyn Needham in their home kitchen- Go Gators! Linda Barr at New Objective doing badge preparation! Rick Yost Plenary Lecture Rick Yost Program Chair Tim Garrett and Rick Yost Program Chair Tim Garrett The participating University of Florida students! Martin Steel & Carla Marshall-Waggett L-R: Roy Vaz, Martin Steel, Mike Lee & Carla Marshall-Waggett Great student organizers! Roy Vaz Rare Diseases by the Numbers Cheryl Garganta L-to: Roy Vaz, Don Chace, Cheryl Garganta Martin Steel, Todd Gillespie, Carla Marshall-Waggett Roy Vaz & Martin Steel 20150218_14.28.11 20150218_14.28.26 20150218_14.28.36 Shane Needham Martin Steel & Mike Lee Tim Garrett's Lab Tim Garrett's Lab Tim Garrett's Lab Tim Garrett's Lab BBQ BBQ BBQ THE REAL DEAL! Gators vs. Vanderbilt L - R: Berlyn Needham, Shane Needham, Martin Steel & Mike Lee The Basketball gang! Don Chace's driveway - no snowblower? Dr. & Mrs. Garrett img_2558 Students (former and present) surround Kitty TJ with Carla and Mike Roy, Don, Cheryl Alisha, Rick, Todd, Mike Shane Needham Yingying Huang Yingying Huang Tim Garrett's Lab Tim Garrett's Lab Tim Garrett's Lab Paul Corcoran Roy Carla, Roy & Paul Go Gators! Paul Roy Go Gators! Carla & Mike img_2610 img_2611 Color Commentator Mike Martin & Carla img_2614 img_2615 Carla & Martin The Golf Group! jquery lightbox drupal by VisualLightBox.com v6.0m
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