CPSA Metabolomics 2017

Graduate Student Mentor Program & Workshop

Clinical & Translational Science Institute
University of Florida

Our mentors are prepared to:

  • Give practical experience, training and advice
  • Openly share perspectives and personal experiences on industry, business, career
  • Serve as a model for communication, leadership and sustained relationship

Catalyzing Curiosity: Bridging Passion and Discovery

Curiosity is perceived to be an innate quality and essential characteristic of any scientist. The ideas, which flow from imagination into high-impact research, are seemingly natural; graduate school, and specifically doctoral education, is the ideal environment to cultivate this creativity and intuition. Our symposium on “Catalyzing Curiosity: Bridging Passion and Discovery” is intended to foster graduate students’ passions, which will eventually fuel their signature brand of science and lead to the generation of creative, novel scientific investigations. Fundamental discoveries arose from pure curiosity, a favorite being the discovery of buckminsterfullerene, or the “buckyball.” We are familiar with the results, but how did Drs. Curl, Heath, and Kroto distill their academic curiosity into a research project? Let's examine the relationships between initial questions, unexpected developments, and the growth of new curiosity-driven chemistry.


Don Chace Medolac Laboratories
Paul Corcoran McKinley Scientific
Gabriele Cruciani University of Perugia
Steve Fannin Bruker Daltonics
Todd Gillespie Eli Lilly & Company
Faith Hays Shimadzu
David Heywood Waters Corporation
Eugene Inman Eli Lilly and Company (Ret)
John Janiszewski Pfizer
Alla Kloss Genzyme
Yutai Li Merck
Carla Marshall-Waggett New Objective
Nalini Sadagopan Agilent Technologies
Martin Steel McKinley Scientific
Jeremiah Tipton BioTech & OMICSx Solutions, LLC
Baljit Ubhi SCIEX
Roy Vaz Sanofi
Richard Yost University of Florida