CPSA Metabolomics 2020

Harmonization and Standardization in the Clinical Laboratory

Metabolomics Lecture Series

Probing Metabolomic Heterogeneity in situ
Shawn Davidson
Princeton University

The Metabolomics Lecture Series is featured as the opening event of the CPSA Metabolomics symposium each year. In conjunction with the opening reception, this series promotes discussion that carries throughout the week.

CPSA Metabolomics 2019

Targeted Metabolomics for Disease Detection in Newborn Screening: Addressing Future Possiblilities and Challenges
Carla Cuthbert
Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

CPSA Metabolomics 2018

Annotating the Metabolome: Spectral Complexity and the Potential Benefits of Low Flow Separations Coupled to Electrospray
Patrick Brophy
Waters Corporation

CPSA Metabolomics 2017

Applications of Metabolomics for Clinical and Translational Research
Amrita Cheema
Georgetown University

CPSA Metabolomics 2016

Metabolomic Signatures from Early Stage Serous Papillary Ovarian Cancer Patients
David Gaul
Georgia Institute of Technology